Community rules

Sellers and buyers are expected to behave respectfully and to honour these community rules and our terms of use. Both parties must do their best to fulfil their contractual commitments.

Mage moderates the marketplace and might temporarily or permanently ban users that don't behave as expected, or restrict their use of the website. Some examples of behaviours that go against our community rules are listed below.

  • Sellers that don't reply to communications sent by their buyers or by Mage support.
  • Sellers that cancel orders. Cancelling an order because you don't have the items anymore or because you're no longer happy with the listing price is not acceptable. You must keep your game collection up to date.
  • Sellers that delay in shipping their orders. When a buyer purchases items from a seller on Mage, the seller is obliged to ship them as soon as possible within one week since the order was placed by the buyer.
  • Members that receive a high rate of negative reviews.
  • Members that use offensive or abusive language.
  • Members that upload offensive or abusive images to the site.
  • Members that raise a suspicious number of issues or disputes.
  • Members that present any activity that we consider disingenuous or fraudulent.

In order to moderate the marketplace, Mage administrators might consider messages exchanged between the parties, previous user reviews and transaction history, and any other relevant information.