The Legend Of Zelda Movie Fan Cast – Who Could Play Who?

November 13th, 2023   •   By Debbie


With the recent announcement from Miyamoto on Nintendo’s X account that The Legend Of Zelda film we’ve been asking about for so long is actually in the works, here are some of our fan cast options…

What was The Legend Of Zelda announcement?

On 7th Nov, Nintendo broke the videogame side of the internet as they shared a news release on their X account announcing the planning and development of “The Legend of Zelda” live-action movie. Miyamoto went on to confirm they’ve been working on it for many years, with producer Avi Arad involved (live-action "Spider-Man" films, Iron Man, Venom, etc) and Wes Ball (Maze Runner Trilogy) to direct.

Not much else has been revealed, but speculation on who can play who has been wild. The producers are hoping for a lesser-known cast – not bulked out with A-listers *CoughNoChrisPrattCough* but more unknown talent.

Miyamoto and Tezuka from Nintendo have previously said: "It would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress." and "…Link is very different to how a Japanese person looks. At the Japanese Expo I attended there were so many people in cosplay who looked very good. They would be good [actors]!" And they spoke of their preference for unknown actors.

Many of us were hoping for a decent animated film a la Studio Ghibli, but live-action adaptions aren’t all bad – See Werewolves Within (2021), 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the not-so-terrible Sonic The Hedgehog (2020).

So, who could they cast?

Who could play Link in The Legend Of Zelda film?

Considering Miyamoto’s preference for lesser-known actors without care for gender specifically, here are some Link Fan Casts:

Sophia Lillis

Best known for the Dungeons & Dragons film, she’s familiar with rich IP adaptations and has that elfin look about her.


Walter Scobell

Ryan Reynold’s mini-me and the new Percy Jackson, Walter is a definite up-and-comer and has done well as talkative, cheeky characters in the past. How he’d fare with an essentially mute character is still to be seen.


Who could play Zelda in The Legend Of Zelda film?

The eponymous Zelda is a tricky one to cast, courageous, intelligent, and often more adventurous than Link, here are a few options:

Hunter Schafer

Best known for Euphoria and the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, she’s heard the rumours and is not opposed to the idea at all!


Ruby Stokes

First seen as one of the younger Bridgerton sisters and then in Lockwood, Ruby is a young actor with range.


Emily Carey

Now known for playing the young Alicent in House Of The Dragon, Emily also featured as a young Lara Croft in the 2018 adaption and as a child Wonder Woman in 2017. She got the experience and is no stranger to action.


Who could play Ganondorf in The Legend Of Zelda film?

The big bad of the Zelda verse is a man of contradictions, both a powerful beast and master of manipulation. So, a more experienced actor will needed to bring this creature to life:

Idris Elba

One of the premier fan casts, he’s well known and has a quiet power about him.


Jason Mantzoukas

With lots of TV under his belt and a few memorable parts in film, Jason has a sort of crazed intelligence, madness and strength about him that could be just what Ganondorf needs.


Matthew Mercer

The current voice actor for Ganondorf is a no-brainer. In real life, he strikes an interesting figure and would bring some authenticity to the film.


Who could play Beedle in The Legend Of Zelda film?

Simon Helberg

Other than his appearance being similar, Simon is an established comedian and character performer who could make Beedle come to life.


Mackenzie Crook

Most familiar as one-half of our favourite pirate duos, Mackenzie is a talented actor who made us love a one-eyed pirate, so he can certainly make Beedle a fave.


Who could play Tingle in The Legend Of Zelda film?

And is there any other option for Tingle than…

Danny Devito

Born to play it – no question.


What about the rest of the cast?

There are endless characters to explore, but just like their intentions with Link, they could get creative with the Great Deku Tree and consider Helen Mirren. Or perhaps go a bit more traditional with someone like Mark Hamill or Sam Elliot?

Consider Steve Buscemi as Dampe and Jack Black or Adam Sandler as Darunia The Goron King. It would also be pretty cool if Zelda Williams had a cameo as an easter egg referring to Robin Williams’ love for the game.

What characters are you hoping to see come to life?

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