Five SNES games I still play today

November 13th, 2023   •   By Faith Johnson

I didn't get a Super Nintendo, or SNES as we now know it, until late into its lifespan due to having a Mega Drive in the early nineties. That isn't to say that I didn't have any love for it, I've fond memories of going around my friends' houses and playing Super Star Wars, Super Mario Kart and a bunch of other fantastic titles.

There were always playground arguments about which console was best. These seem silly now, but at the time the discussions over processor speed and amounts of colours felt so important. I was a staunch Sega supporter but secretly knew the SNES was every bit as good as my coveted Mega Drive. None of that matters now though as I can enjoy them both.

When I did eventually get a bit older and had my own money, I bought a second-hand Super Famicom, the Japanese version of SNES, and I soon realised that I needed to quickly catch up after missing out on so much great gaming. For this article, I have chosen five SNES titles that I still play to this day and titles you may wish to consider adding to your collection.

Killer Instinct

killer instinct

KILLER COMBO! This is still one of my favourite games to play today and the reason I bought my SNES in the first place. I first played this in the arcade and was blown away that it had the gameplay depth of Street Fighter II with the graphics of Mortal Kombat. The combo system was so advanced and pulling off a huge killer or ultra combo would always give you the local bragging rights. When I read that it was being released on SNES in a magazine I knew that it was the reason I was looking for to finally get the SNES.

Cool Spot

cool spot

I've been a fan of platforming games since I first played Sonic on my Mega Drive. At the time, every video game developer wanted to create its own version of a cute character jumping about colourful worlds. Virgin Games was a prolific publisher during the nineties and Cool Spot was its attempt to cash in on the anthropomorphic platformer craze. It teamed up with drinks company 7-Up to give the game a cool vibe and added arms and legs to the red spot logo to create the character. Cool Spot is a fantastic alternative to Mario and Sonic.

Super Bomberman

super bomberman

Back when I was growing up, Friday nights were movie and game nights. My friends and I would visit the local video rental store and pick out a film to watch with some snacks. After we'd enjoyed the movie we would always get a console on to enjoy some multiplayer carnage. There weren't many four-player games back in those days but if you were lucky enough to have Super Bomberman and the multitap, then there were endless hours of fun blowing up your friends. This is what we had before Smash Bros. and it still plays great today.

Street Fighter II Turbo


HADOUKEN! As a gamer who spent a lot of time in the arcades during my formative years, there was always the notion that games just weren't as good when they were ported over to a home console. Not that they were bad, just that they didn't live up to the giant cabinets that occupied the smoke-filled din. That all changed when Street Fighter II was released on SNES, and more precisely the Turbo upgrade. It finally felt like we had the arcade at home. This was always the first game we played when having a gaming session with my friends.

Super Mario World

mario world

I was blown away by the colourful graphics, amazing animation and sumptuous chiptunes when I first played Super Mario World. Everything just seemed to click into place, perfect controls on perfectly crafted platforming levels. Then there was the brilliant cape power-up that gave you so many ways to complete each level. The introduction of Yoshi was also brilliant, he added an extra layer of gameplay to the Mario formula and who could forget the secret Star Road and Special Zone? This is a true classic and one of the greatest games ever made.

Faith Johnson

Faith Johnson

Game journalist and historian. I write about games in books, magazines and online. Sega, especially Sonic, is my favourite.