About us

Mage is a peer to peer marketplace for video games. We provide a platform where UK gamers, game collectors and independent stores can buy and sell video games with peace of mind.

We believe Mage can help the game community in the UK, in several ways.

Getting a good price for the latest games, used or new, isn't easy.

You buy a new game and, once you're done with it, you'd like to sell it to cover some of the cost. However, the usual methods will only give you a small fraction of what you paid, even when the game might be in mint condition and still in high demand. We think gamers will be able to recover more of that value by trading with other peers, directly.

Buying retro games isn't easy.

We're tired of annoying auctions, of online purchases that feel like a 'roulette', since you don't get to see the condition of the item, of missing deals on social media, where there is no buyer protection… We've been there and want to change it all. It shouldn't be so painful, it should be fun! We're creating a platform where the classics can be surfaced, with transparent categorisation, pricing and pictures that show their condition.

You own an independent game shop, but going beyond your local community isn't easy.

We want you to have the best platform to manage and sell your game stock, and bring you sales from all over the UK.

This is only the beginning, though. We want to be the home of game collectibles, in a broad sense. But, hey, let's do it together, one step at a time. We are on a mission and will need your support to make it happen: Mage is a tool made by and for the game community.

Please contact us at support@magegames.co.uk to share any feedback; you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.