Bye for now!

With Mage Games we wanted to bring something fresh to the UK gaming scene.

A place where retro games could be traded with a lot of transparency, and where gamers and independent shops could enjoy themselves.

However, we soon saw that the challenges were many and fairly complex.

A few months ago, we started exploring alternative ways to get to Mage's vision of creating the world's largest marketplace for collectables.

That took us to trading card games. In particular, to Magic: The Gathering.

That's how Mage Cards was born.

The cards site is flourishing at a nice pace, and that's where we need to focus on now. (If you wish, you can register for Mage Cards here.)

This means closing down Mage Games. For now.

Will we ever come back to video games?

That's the plan. It'll be in a different way, but yes.

This is a space that we absolutely love.

It isn't a goodbye at all.

Thank you for your support,

The Mage Team

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